Chapbook Prize Announcement

Hoffman’s chapbook manuscript, Her Human Costume, has been selected by Susan McCabe as the winner of the Gold Line Press poetry chapbook contest. The chapbook will be published later in 2014.

McCabe offered the following admiration for the manuscript: “Her Human Costume, composed of twenty-six interlaced prose poems, unfolds, refolds, transforms like deft colorful origami. Quietly and intently passionate, with images that surprise and disturb, dense quick cuts make these poems sizzle. The whole builds, a learning of the alphabet, the birth of a child, the trauma of a family—domestic scenes displaced to an ethereal other world, one where “real” sheds its costume to show its other costumes, the contingent forms of our earthly habitations brought into taunting, flickering illumination.”

Read poems from the manuscript herehere, and here.

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