Sabotage Reviews
“Hoffman’s poetry is dense, luscious and strongly narrative: telling stories about virgin nuns who long for impossible consummation, baroque abortions, humanoid tumours, and dying infants speaking from their hostile wombs. It has been a very long time since I’ve read a book so brutal, or so beautiful.” – Bethany W. Pope, reviewing Paper Doll Fetus

Fruita Pulp
“Hoffman’s way with words is infallible and her imagery raw and sad and hopeful. Paper Doll Fetus is a devastating and rich collection.” – Sonya Vatomsky

Literary Mama
“These poems contemplate the human body’s workings, through spiritual and scientific lenses. And the voice throughout remains sympathetic and understanding, guiding the reader through a raw emotional landscape about what it means to be mortal.” – Nicole Ross Rollender, reviewing Paper Doll Fetus

The Philadelphia Review of Books
When Poems Use Science To Speak Miracle and Apology. “Paper Doll Fetus labors between this space of science and mystery, history and technology, and between the tragic and the miraculous.” – Rachel Morgan

Foreword Reviews
5-Star Rating. Paper Doll Fetus “fascinates, surprises, engages, and enlightens on well-trodden subject matter; it is an achievement among contemporary project books.” – Camille-Yvette Welsch

“If the Mütter Museum were a book, it might be Cynthia Marie Hoffman’s Paper Doll Fetus. At once weird and tender… These poems aren’t so much new as ancient, primal. And yet Hoffman’s surprising language makes them feel like a discovery.” – Erica Wright, Poetry Editor

American Microreviews & Interviews
“Poems in which both warm empathy and cold detachment crash together in a meeting so strong, the pages themselves seem to crackle.” – Vladislav Frederick, reviewing Her Human Costume

Eleven Eleven
“By connecting life to death so exquisitely, Hoffman’s Her Human Costume utilizes the ancient archetypes connecting women, birth, and death to describe experiences both historical and profoundly present, human and transcendental.” – Cheramie Leo

Harpur Palate
Her Human Costume does what all good prose poetry should: it apprehends the ordinary in all of its unraveling strangeness.” – Dante Di Stefano

On the Seawall
Melissa Range recommends Sightseer as “not just an image-rich and beautiful book but a socially aware book, wisely and subtly political in ways that are by turns serious and hilarious.”

The Rumpus
A review of Sightseer by Ryan Teitman. “A powerful collection of poems that makes a subtle and profound argument about the nature of travel, dislocation, and belonging.”

Library Journal
Barbara Hoffert names Cynthia Marie Hoffman a “rising star.”



Tinderbox Editions
On researching and writing Paper Doll Fetus, bad advice that’s actually good advice, and the problem with the “F” word (fetus!).

AWP Writer’s Notebook
“The Poetry Project Book: A Marriage of Heart and Mind.” Hoffman discusses the motivation and impact of writing project books based on her work as Editor at The Cloudy House.

Gazing Grain Press
On writing Paper Doll Fetus, feminism, motherhood, and place.

Mid-American Review Asks, Cynthia Marie Hoffman Answers
“Our latest contributor interview focuses on obsessions, compulsions, and fabrications of the mind — not to mention deep secrets, hulking angels, and the small choices poetry is built upon. Who could ask for more?”

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat
The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Cynthia Marie Hoffman about her new book Paper Doll Fetus (Book Club selection, November 2014), twilight sleep, and the importance of giving voice to the voiceless.

Heavy Feather Review: Contributors’ Corner
On writing the chapbook Her Human Costume, why poetry doesn’t have to be such hard work, and a narrow escape from “project tunnel vision.”

How a Poem Happens
A woman gives birth to a mole in the poem, A Labor of Moles. How does such a thing (and such a poem) come to be?

Blackbird’s Tracking the Muse
In “Listening for the Book,” Hoffman comments on the creative process of writing project books and how the voices arose to form her book, Paper Doll Fetus.

The Next Big Thing
The self interview with a behind-the-scenes look at Paper Doll Fetus.

Speaking of Marvels
The chapbook interview. On writing, shaping, and stirring up tension in Her Human Costume.

Heavy Feather Review
On the chapbook Her Human Costume, work in progress, and a tough lesson on how “hard” poetry should really be.

Boxcar Poetry Review
First Book Poets in Conversation. Cynthia Marie Hoffman and Rachel Richardson discuss the nature of place, distance, and writing the known and the unknown.

Devil’s Lake
On how the book Sightseer was formed, the poetic sequence, and the necessity of the image, the poem, and the book as argument.